Mr. Suresh Ghotekar

HoD of Chemistry


Name Suresh K. Ghotekar  
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Department of Chemistry
Date of joining this


22nd Feb, 2021.
Qualification M.Sc., SET
Email Id [email protected]
Area of Interest


Organic Chemistry
Subject taught Organic chemistry (spectroscopy, stereochemistry, organic reaction mechanism, etc.), Industrial chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Applied chemistry.
Responsibilities Handled Admission committee member Head of Criterion-III of NAAC
Total Experience in Years Teaching: 06 Y, 03 M Industry: 00 Yrs.
Seminar/Workshop/FDP Attended ·         Actively participated in One Day National Workshop on “NAAC Accreditation Framework: An Overview in Respect of New Guideline” held at Sage University Indore, Christian Eminent College Indore, Research Foundation of India, JHERF & Academic Research Guide Association on 19-08-2021.

·         Actively participated in Three Days National Webinar on “Sensitization of Research Metrices, Ethics & IPR” held at SN Arts, DJM Commerce & BNS Science College Sangamner on 20- 08-2021 to 22-08-2021.

Paper / Book Published  

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A) Patent: Received Innovative Australian Patent is granted & published 29th September, 2015. Suresh K. Ghotekar, Amey

V. Kardile, AU-2015101419 A Process for Biosynthesizing Metal Nanoparticle.



B)  Research paper Publications:

  1. Kumar A, Hasija V, Sudhaik A, Raizada P*, Le QV, Singh P*, Pham TH, Kim TY, Ghotekar S, Nguyen VH*. Artificial leaf for light-driven CO2 reduction: Basic concepts, advanced structures, and selective solar-to-chemical Chem. J Eng. 2022;430:133031. (IF-13.27)
  2. Thuan DV*, Nguyen TL*, Thi HHP, Thanh NT, Ghotekar S, Sharma AK, Binh MT, Nga TT, Pham TD, Cam DP. Development of Indium Vanadate and Silver deposited on Graphitiv carbon nitride ternary heterojunction for advanced photocatalytic degradation of residual antibiotics in aqueous environment. Optical Material. 2021Under Review (IF-3.08)
  3. Kashid Y, Ghotekar S*, Bilal M, Pansambal S, Oza R, Varma RS, Nhuyen VH, Ananda Murthy HC, Mane Bio-inspired sustainable synthesis of silver chloride nanoparticles and their prominent applications. J Ind. Chem. Soc. 2021Under Review (IF-0.28)
  4. Dutta S, Roy A*, Ghotekar S, Bilal M. Plant derived bioactive componds against SARS-CoV-2. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences, India section b: biological sciences. 2021Under Review.
  5. Kumar R, Raizada P, Khan AAP, Nguyen VH*, Le QV, Ghotekar S, Selvasembian R, Gandhi V, Singh A, Singh P*. Recent progress in emerging BiPO4-based photocatalysts: synthesis, properties, modification strategies, and photocatalytic applications. J Mater. Sci, & Tech. 2021;108:208-225. (IF-8.06)
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  8. Cuong HN, Pansambal S*, Ghotekar S*, Oza R, Hai NT, Viet NM, Nguyen New frontiers in the plant extract mediated


biosynthesis of copper oxide (CuO) nanoparticles and their potential applications: A review. Environmental Research. 2022;203:111858. (IF- 6.49)

  1. Kelele KG, Tadesse A, Desalegn T, Ghotekar S, Balachandran R*, Murthy HC*. Synthesis and characterizations of metal ions doped barium strontium titanate (BST) nanomaterials for photocatalytic and electrical applications: A mini review. J Mater. Res. 2021;112(8):665-77. (IF- 0.74)
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  3. Afridi M, Muhammad IM, Ahmad T, Hussain A, Akram M*, Ghotekar S*, Oza R, Marasini BP. Ethno-Medicinal Uses of Piper betel─ A Advanced Journal of Chemistry-Section B. 2021:199-208.
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plant. Results in Chemistry. 2021;3:100141.

  1. Deshmukh VV, Ravikumar CR*, Kumar MA, Ghotekar S, Kumar AN, Jahagirdar AA, Murthy HA*. Structure, morphology and electrochemical properties of SrTiO3 perovskite: Photocatalytic and supercapacitor Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology. 2021;3:241-8.
  2. Dabhane H, Ghotekar SK*, Tambade PJ*, Pansambal S, Ananda Murthy HC, Oza R, Medhane Cow Urine Mediated Green Synthesis of Nanomaterial and Their Applications: A State-of-the- art Review. Journal of Water and Environmental Nanotechnology. 2021;6(1):81-91. (IF- 0.32)
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Review.   Asian    Journal   of    Nanosciences   and    Materials.


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  1. Book chapters:


1. Datta S, Roy A*, Ghotekar S. Emerging groundwater contaminants: Their manifestation and In Legacy, Pathogenic and Emerging Contaminants in the Environment 2021. CRC Press.

2.      Pagar T, Ghotekar S*, Pagar K, Pansambal S, Oza R. Phytogenic synthesis of manganese dioxide nanoparticles using plant extracts and their biological application. In Handbook of Greener Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Compounds 2021 Jan 1 (pp. 209-218). Elsevier.

3.      Ghotekar S*, Dabhane H, Tambade P, Medhane V. Plant- based green synthesis and applications of cuprous oxide nanoparticles. In Handbook of Greener Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Compounds 2021 Jan 1 (pp. 201-208). Elsevier.

4.      Ghotekar S*, Pagar K, Pansambal S, Murthy HA,  Oza R. Biosynthesis of silver sulfide nanoparticle and its applications. In Handbook of Greener Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Compounds 2021 Jan 1 (pp. 191-200). Elsevier.

Achievements ·         Life-time member of Associations of Chemistry Teachers (ACT) (TIFR-Mumbai).
Other Activities ·         From the last few years, our research group is engaged in Environmental Science/Engineering, Materials Science, Applied Biotechnology, Biocatalysis, Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Materials Science related research activities. I along with my colleagues from different countries including USA, Nepal, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Africa, Vietnam, China, India, and Pakistan have published more than 59 scientific contributions in the form of research, review, editorial, book chapters and others at several platforms in various journals of national/international repute.

·         Moreover, working as an active reviewer for the

international journals (Nature, Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis, De Gruyter).


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