To encourage ability of students to understand the environmental damage, abuse and environmental issues such as water scarcity and its management.

On 8th of August 2019 Students of Smt.Devkba Mohansinhji Chauhan College of Commerce and Science, Zoology Department made a presentation on various topics which are of environmental importance.

The topics covered were:-
1)Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, Japan.
2)Chernobyl disaster
3)Itai-Itai disease for cadmium toxicity.
4)Powai lake conservation
5)Shirpur model of water conservation
6) Govardhan Eco Village

above are only a few topics to make a mention that students covered. Each one was presented very well under the guidance of Ms Ratna Yadav.

Ms Rinkal Parmar encouraged the students and helped them in making power point presentation. Students enjoyed a different type of learning. Prof (Dr) Ambadas Jadhav appreciated the activity and encouraged students.