“Mathematics is one of the essential emanations of the human spirit, a thing to be valued in and for itself, like art or poetry” by Oswald Veblen.

Carl Friedrich Gauss referred to Mathematics as the Queen of the Sciences.

Pure Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields including Natural science, Engineering, Medicine, Finance and the social sciences and Applied Mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics is inspired by the belief that numbers are fun.

The mathematics Department serves Academic areas through courses in Elementary Functions, Calculus, Statistics, Mathematics in B.Sc., B.Sc. CS, B.Sc. IT, B.Com and B.M.S.

The Mission of The Department:

To inspire, prepare, and empower students to succeed in the ever-changing world.

The department provides an environment conducive to nurturing analytical minds. It is the endeavor of the department to offer a rich mathematical experience wherein students learn to think critically, communicate mathematical concepts effectively and become lifelong learners. The intention is to promote interdisciplinary learning so that the students develop a wider perspective and equip them with the resources necessary not only for mathematical learning but to enable them to compete with confidence at multiple levels in various fields.

Its pedagogical practices include informal classroom interactions to simulate young minds and create a space for free expressions, paper presentations, quizzes, which enable students to explore the fascinating world of Mathematics. Mathematics holds an important place in the history of humanity and is valuable to the future of all human beings, and this is a belief, that guides the functioning of the department of Mathematics, to develop:

• Critical thinking skills
• Problem solving ability
• Quantitative ability
• Logical reasoning
• Technical Writing Proficiency


Mathematics prepares you for careers as actuaries, computer scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, teachers and more. Advanced skills in mathematics are necessary in many science-related careers. A degree in mathematics is also a strong background for jobs in the computer Industries as well as many related fields.

For those with a substantial background in mathematics and passion for numbers, an unlimited number of career opportunities are available.

A graduate with Mathematics can opt for one of the following careers.

• Aeronautical engineer
• Higher education lecturer
• Investment analyst
• Meteorologist
• Research scientist (Maths)
• Secondary school teacher
• Statistician
• Actuary
• Chartered accountant
• Chartered certified accountant
• Chartered management accountant
• Corporate investment banker
• Financial risk analyst
• Operational researcher
• Systems developer
• Software Engineers
• Banking:
• Computer Systems Analysts
• Indian Civil Services

  Sr. No.
Name of Faculty
Ms. Snehalata Narkhede
Asst. Prof.
Ms. Samruddhi Patil


From last 4 years the result of Department of Mathematics is 100 %.

• Members of Mathematics department Ms. Snehal Bhadgaonkar, Mr. Dipesh Patel and Ms. Snehalata Narkhede were appointed as External as well as Internal Examiner for TYBSc (Maths practical) in University Examination and Evaluation.

• Ms. Snehal Bhadgaonkar presented a research paper in National level Conference held in SKC college Nerul, Mumbai and at International level held in Alibag on Nanotechnology.

• Ms. Snehalata Narkhede presented a research paper in International level held in Alibag on Mathematical Modeling.

• Mr. Praveen Yadav and Ms. Priyanka Padhi presented a paper in Inter college competition and won the consolation prize.

• Maths Faculty has been participated in National Level Conference held in Smt. Devkiba College Silvassa.

Activates and Participations by Maths Student.

S.Y.B.SC students Praveen Yadav, Priyanka Padhi, Presented a Paper on “Vibrations and Eigen Values” Neelam Kashyap and Trupti Dwivedi participated in Poster Presentation in

“MATHEMIGHT” the event organized at Vivekanand Euducation Society’s College at Mumbai enthusiastically participated and won different Prizes.

Seminar Organized in Mathematics Class room