In this era of Computerization, Digitization and automation, there is barely any field of research or any industry left that is not benefitting from Computer Science or Information Technology. The Graduation course in computer science holds big importance in cultivating skilled professionals.

The CS & IT Department offers two courses:
B.Sc. ( Computer Science )
B.Sc. ( Information Technology )

The courses are therefore designed in such a way which will develop the students not only as a professional developer but also with the view of research oriented. Not only does it prepare the students for a career in software industry, it also motivates them towards further studies and research opportunities.

The core philosophy of computer department is to form strong foundation of computer science, introduce emerging trends to the students in gradual way, groom the students for the challenges of ICT Industry.

Department consist of well-equipped laboratories for separate computing platforms, enabling the students to work with different cutting edges and hot cake technologies. Enough laboratory time is made available to the students for maximum utilization of the computing facilities. We also provide 24/7 internet facility to student which helps them in research and learn about technologies which are not part of their syllabus.

Our main strength is highly qualified & experienced faculty members, who are very enthusiastic in learning new technologies and updating their skill sets. Faculty members are always ready to guide students apart from regular teaching hours and maintaining the disciplined behavior in the departments.

We maintain a very infusive, feel-at-home & open culture in the premise, because we believe in progressive unfoldment of the students towards becoming perfect IT professionals. The department not only provides the IT professionals but apart from regular studies, we cultivate the virtues of discipline, high Moral values, Competitiveness & Team spirit in our students, which leads to the overall personality development of the students.


• Software Developer
• Web Developer
• Software Tester
• Network Administrator
• Game Developer
• IoT Developer
• Ethical Hacker
• Android App Developer
• Cyber Security Analyst
• Database Administrator

Sr. No.
   Name of Faculty    Designation    Qualification
   Ms. Madhuri Narkhede    Head & Asst. Prof.    M.C.A.
NET (Computer Science and Application)
   Ms. Nidhi Patel    Asst. Prof.    M. Tech.
NET (Computer Science and Application)
   Ms. Mamta R. Singh    Asst. Prof. M. Sc.    Computer Science
   Ms. Dipika Vishe
   Ms. Nehal Thakur

An EVP (Elector Verification Program) Center launched at Smt. Devkiba Mohansinhji Chauhan College of Commerce and Science, the Program Coordinators have demonstrated online process of checking and verifying Elector’s details to add or modify Mobile Number / EC Email ID. About 200 teachers of Lions English School have availed of this facility and validated their details.

This facility is available to all the electors of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.
In this program, LCSCT Secretary Shri Devdasbhai Shah, Treasurer Shri Vishwesh Dave, Principal of Smt. Devkiba College Prof. Dr. Ambadas Jadhav and Vice Principal of Lions English School Ms. Nirali Parekh were present.


At Smt. Devkiba Mohansinhji Chauhan College of Commerce and Science, Silvassa provides students not only quality education but also with a platform for personality development. The College prepares students ready for professional industry atmosphere. As part of this Computer Science & Information Technology Department had organized a Presentation Activity for students.

Students from all 3 years have actively participated in this activity and made Presentation on various upcoming technologies like Machine Learning, Big Data, Digital Jewellery, E-Waste,Cloud Computing, etc.

The activity helped students to build up their confidence, enhance their communication skills as well as their presentation skills which prepares them later in their career to present the facts, data, analysis through presentation in the seminars, meetings, interviews, workplace and in business. It also encourages them to learn about technologies which are not part of their syllabus.


Department of Computer Science and Information technology of Devkiba College organized a very unique and innovative exhibition on “ANDROID WORLD” on 31st of January 2019.

Students presented a detailed study on selected android applications and demonstrated how to use various Travel booking, online transaction, medicine and food ordering applications, the services provided by google.

It was very informative for all the visitors. Students also improved their presentation skills and experienced the android world very closely.

Workshop on ‘physical computing and internet of things’

Computer department of Smt. Devkiba mohansinhji Chauhan college of commerce and science organised a one day workshop on ‘physical computing and internet of things’ on 04th October 2018.

Subject Expert from N B MEHTA College Bordi conducted the workshop for students of computer science and information technology.

Students were given hands on practical sessions with raspberry pi.